A new era - a new name

After acquiring and merging the tech companies Brightmaven and Futusome with Mohawk, our management saw the need for scrutinizing our brand platform: who we are, what we do, why we do it - and how we delight our customers. The most striking result of this process is a new company name and visual identity – as a signal of the new era.

- Legentic is a construction of the words Legitimate, Legendary and Authentic and in our view a great symbol of our relentless efforts to provide cutting-edge tools for fighting financial crime, says our CEO Espen Fjeldberg ethusiasticly.

We now serve thousand of users, working in hundreds of companies, located in 22 countries throughout five continents - and growing. To cater for this growth we are onboarding new employees almost weekly. This creates a need for defined values and brand promise, that is easy to remember and act as a guiding star for all employees in our day-to-day work, both internally and when interacting with customers.

- Our core values are Collaborative, Courageous and Caring. We have been too closed before, now we want to reach out to our customers in a larger degree – sharing our knowledge and expertise in addition to providing tools, concludes Espen Fjeldberg.


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